What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #100

💡 Generate Social Post Ideas for Free

Claude-2 is my go-to language model for all things writing-related, and you can use it for free on Anthropic’s site.

Its big party trick is being able to handle 100k tokens worth of context, or around 150 pages of dense text. ChatGPT by comparison currently supports around 6 pages.

Generating Post Ideas

  1. Take something you’ve written or said: a webinar recording, some blog posts, a voice memo. I use a free transcript downloader for the content I have on YouTube, and if the media is offline I use Otter to create a transcript.

  2. Attach the text to a Claude conversation.

  3. Prompt it to generate social post ideas using the most impactful concepts from the provided content.

Here I’ve grabbed a recent pod about common billing traps firms fall into, and I’m using Claude to give me more bite sized concepts I can use to extend the conversation on social.

It’s rare I ever lift any of this verbatim, but it goes a long way to jog my memory of the meatier topics from something I recorded in the past.

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