What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #101

Programming note: My accountant community Realize is putting together mastermind groups & signups close 09/30. Here’s an old explainer of how ours work. Mastermind groups were the most transformative thing I ever did as a firm runner.

💡The New ChatGPT Canva Plugin

The new Canva plugin is a mega mega simple way to generate marketing graphics:

Enable the Canva plugin in ChatGPT (GPT Plus required)

Prompt it with the name & theme of what you want

It’ll suggest the most relevant templates to your request

You’re pulled into Canva, where you can modify the text & export the image (for free)

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📅 This Week

  • My rundown of the top 10 reasons accountants don’t always charge their worth

  • I’m a believer that the best in-person conferences will become more experiential, rather than a day of slide decks. Here’s an example of what that could look like

  • How to sell your first digital product in an accounting firm (and why you should)

  • Remember the excitement around Microsoft Copilot being able to see across your entire MS suite? Google just beat them to the punch, and it’s now live across Google products

    • While this is really exciting and super helpful, in the next 24 mos this functionality will become table stakes

    • I’m still of the belief the most useful version of this is the one that lives in your practice management system, that’s tailored to firm-specific workflows

  • I’m a believer the future of internet-enabled firms is micro-niche, and the way you build it is different than a traditional niche firm

  • You’ll soon be able to process Gusto payroll direct from your Chase online bill pay

  • There’s now a ChatGPT plugin for Microsoft Power Automate - you could already create flows descriptively (when X happens, I want Y to happen), as far as I can tell you can now just do this from ChatGPT

  • OpenAI announced the newest version of their image generation model, DALLE-3, and it will be available soon in ChatGPT Plus

😍From The Community

My private peer networking community Realize for firm leaders, now capped at 500 members.

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