What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #103

💡A Secure AI Chatbot from Microsoft

Did you know you already have access to a super secure AI chatbot?

Bing Chat Enterprise is a version of Bing Chat that (1) doesn’t train the language model, (2) keeps all your usage data in-house, in your MS org, (3) isolates usage data from MS employees so nobody can see the goods.

The only business tier of Microsoft 365 that it isn’t available on is Business Basic, which doesn’t even get you the desktop version of Excel so I know you aren’t using that.

All you need to do is be logged in with your MS business account on bing.com/chat, and you should see a green ‘Protected’ identifier to know you’re in stealth mode.

Now this isn’t the holy grail MS 365 Copilot that will launch on November 1st, unify all your MS data into a single chat experience, and make your wildest dreams come true. For now it’s just vanilla Bing Chat.

This Sunday on the channel we’ll be discussing the current state of Bing Chat, as it was just released in the Windows Copilot that’s now available on your Windows desktop. Today it’s probably the worst of all the mainstream chat models, but is the only one building a cost effective enterprise secure version.

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📅 This Week

  • I’ll be going live on the AICPA Town Hall in a couple hours

  • Here’s my framework for how to think through an approach to doubling prices within your firm

  • Will Lopez launched Between To Firms, a satirical interview show akin to Between Two Ferns and I was the inaugural guest

  • Lots of debate on social media this week around the correct number of monitors to use

  • 6 software companies pitched me on their products for firms

  • Interesting developments around AI hardware

    • Apple design legend Jony Ive and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman are in talks to raise $1B to build the ‘iPhone’ of AI

    • Announced this week is the Humane AI pin - a little pin you wear that will project stuff on your hand

    • And Rewind announced Pendant - a device you wear around your neck to record every thing you ever hear & say, making it all searchable. Ask it questions like When did I hear about [X]?, how many people did I talk to yesterday?, or how many times was my partner flatulent in August vs September, and plot the result on a line graph

  • AudioPen is an app that takes your voice rambling and converts it into a coherent well-written doc

  • Digits continues to ship improvements for their QBO chat assistant - now clients can chat with it alongside the reports you issue to clients, and you can drag & drop graphics from the chat assistant into dashboards & reports

  • On the pod this week we explored the impact of AI on offshore & entry level roles, and my thoughts on how to improve accounting conferences

😍From The Community

My private peer networking community Realize for firm leaders, now capped at 500 members. We welcomed 14 new members this week.

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