What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #109

💡9 GPTs to Get You Excited About Accounting & Tax GPTs

GPTs are a week old now and I’m convinced a number of tools in our space will be disrupted by them in the coming months.

We’re seeing basic examples for now, but more technical opportunities are possible:

  • Augment them with custom code

  • Read & write data to third party system with function calling

  • Call other GPTs from a GPT to develop modular capabilities

  • Level up Zapier & Make automations, for example calling a webhook from a GPT

Here’s a short list of useful GPTs to whet your appetite for now:

Justin Welsh’s Content Matrix
Highly recommend this one: generate a ton of content creation ideas with just a couple prompts.

“Easily navigate the complexities of crypto accounting. Expert guidance made accessible to everyone.” GPTs as marketing, anyone?

US Tax Bot
This GPT has been fed the tax code. As you may imagine this has been popular use case. See also Tax Pro, US Tax Bot, TaxGPT, other TaxGPT, and US Tax Help.

Images, audio, videos, PDFs, zipped folders & batch uploads. It’s still early but I expect GPTs to disrupt a number of full blown apps in our space.

The team behind Consensus, a research paper search engine created a GPT that searched across 200M academic papers. Would love to see a version of this from a tax research platform.

Knowledge Grapher
Provide it with a website and it’ll create a visual diagram of the content. I see a number of visualization applications for GPTs, from entity structuring, to flow of funds mapping, even financial statement reporting.

From a basic image or sketch, create a logo.

Drawn to Style
A more general tool for doing the same with any sort of photo or illustration.

Zapier Actions
Here’s a walkthrough of how build Zapier into your own custom GPTs.

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📅 This Week

  • Was great seeing so many of you at QBC this week 👏👏

  • I’ll be at New Money Summit in Orlando next month and would love to see you there!

  • QuickBooks announced Ledger - a more cost-effective option for low volume or infrequent bookkeeping cleanup jobs

  • Notion announced a huge AI feature: Q&A. It’s the functionality we’ve been clamoring for PMs to develop, and I’m hopeful this move from Notion will encourage others to get in on the act

  • Bill Gates did a nice writeup on AI agents - if you listen to the pod you know this will be the most impactful application of AI

  • Adept announced Experiments, a way to build automated browser workflows with AI

  • Lindy is a platform for creating teams of AI agents - studies show AI agents working together through the lens of different roles yields better results. For example asking GPT for a technical thing, vs building out several GPTs that interact to refine the result, ie a preparer, reviewer, manager, client etc

  • If you were geeked on the announcements from OpenAI’s dev day last week, the breakout sessions are now available on YouTube

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