What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #111

💡How To Get Your Admins Doing Technical Reviews

Killer firms have killer quality assurance processes. It’s the only way to scale your technical expertise, but it’s hard to do.

On Monday’s pod we explored meaningful ways to begin standardizing QA, even pull your admins in to save the time of your most senior technical folks.

6 takeaways from that episode to begin challenging the assumption this can’t be done:

  1. Just start documenting
    Building an SOP for the entire process seems unimaginable, so start with 5%. What part of the process can anyone do? Begin carving up the review function into distinct tasks.

  2. Start with the easy stuff
    Don’t jump to 1040 review, start with 1099s. Don’t delegate accountability for a full month end close, build an SOP for part of the balance sheet review.

  3. Get help
    Record & narrate yourself going through a review, then get a member of the team to draft the steps. If multiple people do technical reviews, have a team member draft a unified version.

  4. Augment with QA tech
    A growing number of apps will perform part of this process for you, but when you don’t have an explicit process, it’s hard to make use of them, and accountants will just redo the work. But when you can point to 10 explicit steps a tool will automate, you’re truly eliminating work.

  5. Remove yourself from the process
    That 5% you carved out? Find a way to never do it again. The goal is to take non-technical work off the plates of your most scarce human resource: high level technical folks.

  6. Centralize review notes
    Most firms capture review notes in a siloed way, within each project. This prevents you from identifying common points to incorporate into QA. Centralize those points to enable a high level analysis of what your process is missing.

This is a very basic starting point, but I find most firms haven’t begun to explore this. The notion it can’t be done is a great assumption to start pushing back against in bite-sized ways.

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