What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #112

💡Why You Should Use Canva

Until a couple months ago I’d never used Canva because:

  1. I don’t do cute little marketing graphics

  2. I use pro tools like Photoshop and am too cool for it 😎

And I suspect most of us fit into one of those two buckets, but I am here to tell you it is so easy to use, and an easy way to dazzle your clients.

Here's a gif of a Wrapped video I made for the QuickBooks sample file, Craig's Design and Landscaping Services:

Grab the template here, it’s as easy as swapping out any text, images or video you want to use.

But what makes Canva helpful to me is how many templates there are, and how well search works. For example, results for Financial Summary:

Or Client Letter Christmas:

Even follow specific creators on Canva if you like their style:

It’s quick & easy to customize the designs on desktop or mobile, and in most cases completely free to use. They even have a growing number of video templates that are just as easy to customize.

🤔 What Would You do?

A long-time client walks in to pick up their tax return

"Card or check?" the person at the front desk asks. "I've been coming here for 20 years... you're going to make me pay to hand over that tax return?" It's the new policy, they explain. The client walks out, never to return.

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