What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #115

🍸 Toasting To A Better 2024

A collection of resources to take your firm in a positive direction in 2024, or convince a colleague you aren’t the only one who thinks this way:


  • Build a more profitable, more mission-oriented firm by developing a new policy for low bono work

  • Get paid for discovery work, and start clients at 2x your normal rate

  • Watch this if you’re still stuck on a price increase

  • And if you’re considering whether this firm running stuff is still for you, here’s my story

Bookkeeping Firms:

Tax Firms:

  • Optimize your busy season - most firms have simple steps they can take to drastically reduce busy season workload

  • Transition to scheduled intake, and scheduled delivery. Plan your entire year’s worth of client deliverables. Sounds hard, I know! But the folks doing it have taken back control of their businesses

  • (US) And use software to build pro-forma questionnaires for your clients - the leading tools to do so today are TaxCaddy, Soraban, and StanfordTax which I did a demo of here

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You've got a missed call, a text, and an email from a client

"They want to chat" but offer no further details.

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