What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #118

📃 ChatGPT Plan & Security Comparison

Yesterday I shared how to upgrade to ChatGPT Team, a new version of ChatGPT better suited for small firms that doesn’t use your prompts to train the model.

There are now three paid flavors of ChatGPT that let you access all the models:

In a nutshell: ChatGPT Team is as secure as any other app you use that doesn’t enforce multi factor authentication (MFA), which frankly is still most of the apps we use. In our PM roundup only 5 of the 14 practice management systems allowed for enforcing MFA.

SOC-II type 2 compliance would be nice to have, but isn’t a requirement for accountants (US) and the majority of apps in our space, including half the PMs surveyed have not been audited.

It’s worth noting API-usage, or the way our tech vendors use the model, is SOC-2 type 2 compliant and prompts are not used to train the model. Under all plans they have a 30 day data retention policy, which is fairly common practice. Microsoft’s data retention policy is 180 days.

My recommendations:

  • Whether it’s appropriate to use depends on the type of data being put into ChatGPT - Non-sensitive, redacted, or sensitive information

  • I previously outlined my framework for how you should develop an internal use policy for all three types of data

  • The biggest weakness of the Team plan currently (as is the case of with many of the apps we use) is the inability to force 2FA or MFA. In the US 2FA is currently only mandatory for tax prep systems

  • Most data breaches today happen due to unauthorized access, someone getting access to your email, or your login credentials who could then get into your ChatGPT account and see conversation history

  • Teams is fundamentally more secure that Plus, and at $5/10/mo more it's a no brainer upgrade if you were already on Plus, but ultimately is not a replacement for developing a usage policy for different types of data

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