What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #121

📅 Deliver Financials with an AI Assistant

In addition to the monthly financial delivery, let’s include a chat assistant that sees all this month’s transactions. It works surprisingly well, have a play with it here.

What it does

It’ll fetch transaction details from accounts, provide a list of the largest transactions, provide a table of the transactions, even an excel file download!

How to make it
This is a Custom GPT, which can be created by anyone on a ChatGPT Plus or ChatGPT Team plan. I uploaded a balance sheet, P&L and general ledger report to it. Here’s a link to the full instruction prompt.

How to give your client access

Three ways you could do this:

  1. Add the client to a ChatGPT Team account as a member. They’ll get an invite to join your workspace, and will then be able to see the private GPT.

  2. If the client has a ChatGPT Team account, have them add you as a member, and create the private GPT inside their workspace.

  3. Make it available via a public URL - not super secure but may be enough if you redact the reports

This is the worst bit right now, but if you wanted to go deeper down this rabbit hole you could do the same with a third-party option that could connect to their Slack, Teams or Discord.

🤔 What Would You do?

A client creates a new company

They want to you do [whatever] for it, but you wouldn't normally work with this type of company because it's too small, or isn't within your specialization.

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📅 This Week

  • I released an album that’s the IRS hold music, but lofi

    • It’s royalty free, meaning you’re free to use it for your firm’s hold music, ambiance at live events, to trigger people before your webinar starts, wedding music etc

    • It’s also on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music etc, just search my name

    • And here’s a download link to use the tracks

  • I shared 9 ways to increase your firm’s capacity

  • This person was scammed out of $25M after joining a zoom with a bunch of AI deepfakes of their colleagues 🤯

  • Google’s chat assistant “Bard” has been renamed to “Gemini”, and they just launched a version that’s supposedly as good as GPT-4

    • “Gemini advanced” is available for $20/mo

    • Following OpenAI’s $20/mo ChatGPT Plus, and MS Copilot Pro

    • It comes as we near the 1 year anniversary of GPT-4, and perhaps more interestingly could prompt OpenAI to accelerate the launch of their next model

  • Your kids favorite game Roblox just rolled out real time chat translation so any user can talk with any user in any language

  • [nerd corner] HuggingFace announced HuggingChat, where you can chat with open source models for free

💰 Niche Of The Week

I recently shared a list of 50 niches to get you thinking about how to further specialize your firm. Here’s my favorite, and ideas to get it off the ground:

Personal fitness trainers with online platforms
Target Business Size: Individual trainers or small teams with revenues of $100K to $5M.
Key Pain Point: Managing diverse income streams including online subscriptions, in-person sessions, and digital product sales, along with related expenses.

Target marketing partners:

  • Platforms - Like Trainerize or Exercise that let coaches host online training content for their clients - develop partner content with these brands, and get involved in their online communities for fitness pros

  • Influencers - Not fitness influencers, but those showing fitness pros how to build online training businesses. A good place to start could be those doing affiliate marketing for the above platforms

  • Podcasts - Discover thought leaders by consuming podcasts in the space, then look to be a guest or sponsor these podcasts - Certified personal trainer podcast - The Business ATvantage - The Athletic Business Podcast

😍From The Community

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