What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #127

✅ How To Politely Roast Anything With AI

I shared a montage today of some real zingers imagined by AI. Here’s a quick guide for how to get the best roast out of ChatGPT:

Their Google Review
Behold, Bill Cox, the man of the hour, with his cryptic one-star review, 'Just an overall poor experience.' It’s like receiving a treasure map without the 'X.' Nothing says 'I'm a man of mystery' quite like a noir film detective avatar, leaving us in the dark, grappling for clues in the shadowy alleys of his customer experience. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in this case, Bill’s chosen to gift us merely five. And just like his classic monochrome photo, his review leaves us yearning for a splash of color – any detail that might illuminate the situation.

  • Provide it with a screenshot of what you’re roasting

  • Don’t be afraid to call out specific things you want it to roast

  • Eliminate all but the best bits of its response - 2/3rds of it will be lame, just use the good stuff!

Their Appearance
Meet our accountant YouTuber, blending noir drama with number-crunching in his latest episode: 'Taxes in a Tank Top.' There he sits, under interrogation-style lighting, like he's about to reveal the secrets of the fiscal underworld, all while sporting that casual yet 'I mean business' wife-beater. His beard and jawline? They're not just features, they're his co-hosts in this budgetary saga. Looks like when he's not flexing those numbers, he's flexing... well, just flexing. A true bean-counter by day, film noir hero by night!

  • Let it help you find what specific things you want to call out

  • Here we iterated through a few ideas, lighting, beard, shirt, the fact he’s an accounting youtuber etc

Their Website
Ah, the Aleshire Accountancy Corporation, where time stands still and web design is an ancient relic, preserved for the ages. This site looks like it was crafted in the golden era of dial-up, where loading a page was a coffee break in itself. Navigating this site must feel like a journey back to a time when 'high-speed internet' was just a twinkle in the IT department's eye.

And then there’s the aesthetic – if we can call it that. It’s the digital equivalent of a dusty ledger from the '90s. You can almost hear the screeching of the modem as you click through their 'state-of-the-art' menus. The main image? An abacus, because nothing screams 'trust us with your modern financial needs' like a counting tool from 500 B.C.

This one was just a masterpiece, I didn’t change a thing.

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