What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #61

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🤖 Automate My Thing

Generating Content Ideas

It's hard to trust AI to complete tasks right now, but it's fantastic for ideation. I paid Jasper a pile of money to help me with this, but find myself using ChatGPT (free) for this now.

So let's use Brogan McGraf's recent blog posts to generate similar blog ideas, then write a few in his own voice. The steps:

  1. Feed ChatGPT a list of the titles of past blog post

  2. Ask it to generate 10 new blog post ideas, building on previous posts

  3. Feed it the full text of his past blog posts, and using the suggestions in #2, ask it to write a blog post in the voice of the posts I previously gave it

OpenAI acknowledges that one of the current issues with GPT-3.5 is that it's too verbose, so I had to give it a word limit. I used Midjourney to generate a cover image, and the result isn't bad:

  • It rails on the difference between a tax preparer and a tax advisor, which Logan did in this previous blog post

  • It asks itself a bunch of questions, which Logan does in his writing as well

  • It includes this hot take: "it's a good idea to avoid tax preparers who charge very low fees, as this may be a sign that they are not very experienced or qualified"

It's worth noting, this kind of sucks. Nobody wants the web (even more than it is now) to become a sea of machine-generated nonsense, So the best way to think about this for now is as a writing assistant. Make it human, inject your voice & experience into it.

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