What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #67

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⚠️Warning ChatGPT Ahead⚠️

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A Free Writing Editor

We've all heard of AI-written articles, but the way I use AI most today? Editing. I went through my full process in this thread.

My most common use-cases:

  • Draft a response to a sticky email by providing a few bullet points of what to communicate

  • Rewrite my email in a more convincing/confident/kind tone

  • Generate a list of counter-arguments

Once you've trained ChatGPT on your voice, the feedback is excellent, and a departure from the boilerplate verbiage you get by default. It's the #1 mistake I see people making with playing with ChatGPT, lack of instruction.

Don't like what you got? It probably means you didn't train it to do specifically what you're looking for. At some stage in our lives we've all been frustrated with a junior not being able to read your mind, before coming to the realization that it's up to you to clearly communicate your expectation. It's even easier to project this expectation on AI.

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