What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #77

Before we begin, we beat the Cloud Accounting Pod in the AccountingHigh bracket last week, narrowly avoiding the worst timeline of Blake & David going up against Blake & David in the final four.We're now up against fellow thinkperson Ryan Lazanis' Future Firm in the final four. Voting ends in two days. Thank you all for the internet points. As you know they are my life blood. Also as promised I'll be releasing "The Lazanis Files" on social media soon because the world needs to see the truth.

Extract Transactions from Statements for Free

I shared a way to create transaction CSVs from a bank statement PDF. It's a free alternative to bank statement extraction apps, and an elegant solution to a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place.

It led to a good discussion around whether we should be chucking client transactions into GPT. (Reasonable) fears are fueled by the fact OpenAI used to train their models with user prompts, which is no longer the case, but fears remain largely due to a general feeling of newness.

There are parallels here to the fears folks had going from desktop to cloud. GPT models today are already being used responsibly with sensitive medical info, can be built into HIPAA-compliant workflows and meet the most exacting security standards. But the newness gives us the scaries.

I ran through my current guide to AI security do's & don'ts in my daily show (Pod | YouTube).

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