What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #92

💡 The Future Of Accounting Tech?

This week I shared what was probably the most transformative AI experience I’ve had this year.

The company behind it has raised a whopping $1.5 BILLION to build the AI personal assistant of your dreams.

If people like Bill Gates are to be believed, AI will do away with most of the user interfaces we work with in favor of chat or voice experiences. It wasn’t until I used this new voice assistant that I could begin to get my head around that reality.

The notion that your next practice management system might just be an AI assistant 🙂 and yes I know how ridiculous that sounds!

I did a full podcast episode with the assistant here.

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📅 This Week

  • ChatGPT’s new custom instructions are a big upgrade

  • OpenAI also doubled the number of messages you can send to GPT-4 via ChatGPT Plus

  • Facebook open-sourced Llama-2, a collection of language models arguably as good as GPT-3.5 (the model behind vanilla ChatGPT) that’s notably free for commercial use. More on how to make use of this next week

  • Microsoft announces their AI Copilot product will be priced at $30/mo/user 🤔 time to deliver the value

  • Where are the cool AI announcement in our space? Send ‘em my way because I can’t find them

  • Create simple text based charts

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