What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #94

💡 How To Make A Coloring Book

We don’t touch on creative tools much since we have real work to do, but this week is a rundown of my favorite apps for creativity.

First, a coloring book I put together with Midjourney after being inspired by this prompt from Chase Lean:

It’s a fun way and playful way to announce to your team that they all need to get back to the office. Here’s a Google Doc if you want to swipe & modify.

My go-to tools for all things creative:

  • Image generation:

    • Midjourney - Shockingly high quality once you’ve figured out how to use it in Discord

    • Stable Diffusion XL - A almost as good out of the box, and can be trained to generate specific outputs

    • Stable Doodle - Generate amazing images from crappy doodles - highest fun-to-learning-curve ratio

  • Music generation - Chirp by Suno - the baby shark covers are particularly notable

  • Speech generation - Eleven Labs - they also just opened professional voice cloning for general access

  • Video generation

    • RunwayML’s Gen-2 for video from scratch, but the results can be terrifying

    • The Gen-1 model is more usable, allowing you to overlay a style on a regular video

  • Lip sync video generation

    • Heygen is my current favorite, and what I used on Otis

    • Reface is really good as well

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