What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #97

💡 6 Attributes Of An Optimized Firm

It’s easy to get sucked into fleeting bits of advice when core aspects of our firms are fundamentally broken.

So this week on the daily pod I boiled my best advice down to 6 attributes of successful firms that we should all be leaning into, that ought to be prioritized above all else:

  1. Building On The Right Platform
    Messy tech stacks stem from not having the right core system in place. If you’re a firm under 100 employees, one of these 17 tools needs to be at the core of your practice.

  2. Eliminate AR
    Everyone should (1) include a proposed price, or price range up-front with the engagement letter, and (2) at a minimum take payment details up-front.

    I want clients agreeing to what they’re paying before we begin work, so money can be pulled, at the latest, upon the completion of the project. It eliminates the entire administrative function of invoicing, and most importantly 95% of the work partners/acct managers spend on billing.

  3. Manage Cyclicality
    Craft non-negotiables with clients to eliminate high-stakes periods of the year. For accounting practices, relax the required delivery timeframes, or develop a profitable ancillary function your team can do in the latter half of the month. I explored some additional ideas around cyclicality here.

  4. Make A Specific Offer To A Specific Person
    Generic landing pages are table stakes these days - instead command 2-10x the rates for the same work, by framing it for a more specific individual. I ran through my new favorite offer framework here.

  5. Automated Client Requests
    The single greatest source of wasted effort in accounting firms today: human-led requests & follow-ups. Upwards of 1/3 of professionals’ time can be wasted on this function. Here’s an overview of my best practices.

  6. Diversified Fulfillment
    90% of firms are 100% reliant upon traditional hiring to get the work done. The result is exposure to staff exits, and even worse, the business falls apart if something happens to you. We explored how to overcome this in this daily pod.

What did I miss? Anything you’d prioritize over the above? Hit reply and let me know.

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