What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #98

💡 Generate Marketing Video Clips

I recently did a roundup of the best ChatGPT plugin for accountants, and wanted to share an amazing new plugin for video editing app Capcut.

In ChatGPT, simply select the Capcut plugin and prompt it to create a video:

It takes you over to Capcut (free), and will export a 720p version. Here’s the raw output:

It gives you a video (just the gif shown above) with a voice over narration and background music. It didn’t get the jist of the robot apocalypse, but you’ve now got a project in Capcut you can modify to your liking.

This is a helpful starting point, but you could also layer in your own voice narration, replace images, etc.

For example, you can shoot a video of yourself with Loom, add it to the above, and cut back & forth between your Loom recording & the imagery Capcut generates to create a slightly less boring explainer 🎉

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