What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #99

💡 Intuit Announces Their AI Assistant

The long-awaited first look at Intuit’s AI assistant came this week. Let’s run through the highlights & lowlights:

👍 It promises to actually “do work”, not just talk about it. One example they give is sending out payment reminders for all invoices from the chat interface

👎 It’s rolling out to all US customers “in the coming months”

🤔 Interestingly it’s “Intuit Assist” not, QBO Assist, because it’ll supposedly work across QBO, Turbotax, Mailchimp and Credit Karma. Unclear how much of this is actually working today vs a mockup like this incredible 2016 sizzle reel for the original QB assistant

👍 They show useful stuff like short-term cash flow projections, but tbd whether there are just a few very specific use-cases

👎 They highlight its ability to connect you with an advisor. A QuickBooks Live bookkeeping professional, that is. Or a TurboTax Live pro.

My top tip:

Get proactive about how your clients could use this tool. Proactively advising around what it will & won't do is the only way to maintain alignment with your clients. Hide under a rock and your clients will form their own conclusions.

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