What's Next For Accounting? - Issue #113

💡Collecting Info with an AI Chatbot

I previously shared my favorite intake form right now is Formless. It’s a cool, more friendly spin on web forms.

Recent upgrades have made this even more powerful. So I put it to the test on a messy tax application.

I set up a process to collect Form W-9 information, and trained it on the IRS instructions. The result is pretty solid, and allows you to put technical jargon into plain English (or any other language) the person can understand.

Take it for a spin here. These are fairly quick & easy to set up, and you can train the chat bot on external information such as entire websites, or snippets of text.

🤔 What Would You do?

You have a family emergency and drop the ball

Despite having other members on your team, the project didn't get done on time because your head was in another place. "I'm sorry to hear that", the client says, "but I engaged your firm, not just you, and expect the work to be done on a timely basis."

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📅 This Week

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  • And 9 ways to start preparing your firm for 2024

  • Delphi - An app to clone yourself, or enable people to have conversation with an AI avatar of you is now in public beta

  • 150+ accountants chimed in on social media to share the best new thing they adopted in their firm this year - here are 61 of them

  • This Sunday on YouTube I’ll be awarding my top 3 favorite new things of the year, along with some honorable mentions

  • I took up a new hobby

  • A study putting AI in the hands of lawyers and benchmarking performance confirmed some consistent insights we’re seeing on AI’s impact on knowledge work:

    • It sucks at some tasks and is great at others

    • It generally improves the quality of written explainers

    • The greatest boost is provided to low performers

    • Many report to have greater work satisfaction when using AI

  • I made some accounting lego sets

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